So, What’s Trending for Wedding Menus in 2017?

Fun and adventurous aspects enhance the mood at many weddings lately as couples seek to add personal flare and less fuss to their special day. Food is following the trend, and couples are asking caterers to prepare menus for a modern take on classic dishes, incorporate their personal favorites, and offer interactive serving options. From the cocktail hour to dessert, small bites, customize options, passed dishes, and updated street food are showing up in a variety of ways. Here’s a peek at some of the growing trends in 2017.

Passed Plates

In seeking to create a fun and relaxed setting, many couples are moving away from plated food toward passed plates. Family-style service is popular, as are small bites. More formal settings that want to incorporate the relaxed vibe combine plated and passed options; for example, the main course may be plated, with the sides passed family style.

Fusion Options

Millennial couples appreciate a diverse food selection that includes aspects of their favorite foods, restaurants, family dishes, or their first date. As they seek to infuse a personal feel into the wedding, food is becoming an important aspect of sharing their story. Highlighting dishes from both families in fusion menus is increasing in popularity.

Updated Classics

Culinary classics with a modern twist are showing up in wedding menus across the country. Choosing a high-end meat entrée is becoming standard, and then pairing it with a vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan version of an old favorite for the second entrée.

Causal Redefined

Street food and home-style comfort food offer another way to personalize your wedding menu. Incorporating family traditions is a lovely way to make your guests feel special and like they are part of the family. Simple and beautiful is a casual vibe with menus as couples leave behind fussy and extravagant food.

Local Food

Farm-to-table menus and locally sourced food are becoming more and more common as couples become committed to the idea of supporting local farmers and local food. Finding a caterer who specializes in farm-to-table menus helps you make sure that the wedding food is locally sourced.

Casual Cocktails

Creative bite-sized menu options and less formal food stations contribute to a relaxed feel during the cocktail hour. Interactive stations where guests make their creations are a fun way to keep energy levels high; street food style stations also create a fun atmosphere for guests.


One of the biggest trends in food this year is tasting plates with tapas-style options. Attendants at stations throughout the area can prepare small plates of a wide variety of tapas inspired food for your guests.

Themed Bar Menus

Serving one drink in a variety of ways at a themed bar is gaining popularity. Specialty drinks, including cocktails made with unique fruit, infused liquors, and house-made bitters, are becoming more common. A new option is to have a styled bar cart that can travel around during the cocktail hour instead of having a traditional bar.

Dessert Spreads

Different dessert possibilities are being explored by couples as they seek to offer a variety of dessert options. Many couples still choose to have a small ceremonial cake for cutting, but the wedding cake is frequently seen as the centerpiece of a dessert table instead of the only option. Cookies, s’mores bars, deconstructed desserts, and mini bites of personal favorites are filling dessert tables with more variety and fun. Ice cream is also beginning to take place at the dessert buffet.

Late-Night Options

For couples expecting the reception to turn into a late-night party, choosing a late-night food option is increasingly common. Breakfast related dishes, like bacon and egg sandwiches, are showing up in the late hours of the party.

Food is an important aspect of wedding planning that can enhance the overall feel of your wedding. Choosing something that reflects your style creates a personal feel that helps make the day special. With so many things to consider when choosing a menu and planning a wedding, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You can lessen the stress of wedding planning by working with a professional wedding planner who can help you relax and enjoy your wedding with the guests.