5 Wedding Touches To Wow Your Guests

wow your guestsPersonal Wedding Touches That Will Wow Your Guests

Do you want a wedding that reflects you as a couple? Adding personal wedding touches that will wow your guests is the best way to really make your wedding stand out.

If you are looking to wow your guests with the unexpected, follow these amazing personal wedding touches.

It’s your big day, make it unique for everyone!

Wow Your Guests Tip #1

Even though your day is about you, your guests will appreciate you taking the time to make their day more comfortable too.

If your wedding is not at a church, consider having waiters walk around with pink mimosas, small cups of really good coffee, and protein packed snacks or granola. Chances are their morning was hectic, and they may have missed eating.

Your guests will be much happier and relaxed having their needs taken care of too.

If you are having a church wedding, consider having welcome boxes handed out when your guests are leaving the church.

These boxes can include a mini bottle of wine labeled with a thank you note, trail mix, nuts, Band-Aids, tissue, and a small pack of Tylenol or Aleve.

Wow Your Guests Tip #2

If any part of your wedding is outside, your guests will appreciate having baskets or stations set up to offer comfort:

  • Have a hydration station: Off glass containers of water with a spigot for easy dispensing. Fill the containers with purified water, ice, sliced cucumber, mint and lemon to keep your guests hydrated.
  • Have a sun protection station: Load baskets with inexpensive sunglasses, high-end spray on sunscreen, and scarves that your guests can either warm up with or protect their exposed skin from the sun.
  • Have a comfort station that includes: High heels can hurt. Off flip-flops for women, high heel protectors, mini fans, and even chair cushions will make your guests more comfortable.

Wow Your Guests Tip #3

Have a flower station where guests can pick up their own flowers. They can choose to pin the flowers on or wear them on their wrists. Simple flowers to match your wedding will help everyone feel more apart of your day. Don’t forget the guys too.

Wow Your Guests Tip #4

Have a coat and purse checking area. Guests feel more comfortable not having to lug around coats and purses. Free them with a safe alternative.

Make sure you let guests know beforehand that this will be available so they can leave valuables at home or in their hotel.

Wow Your Guests Tip #5

Childcare. If you choose to have children at your wedding, make sure everyone has a great time by hiring a childcare staff. They will make sure the kids have plenty of fun activities to keep them occupied.

This frees the adults to concentrate on your wedding without distractions. It also cuts down on the distractions of temper tantrum or crying meltdowns. The childcare staff should be trained to handle all of this so you (or your guests) won’t have to.

Having help to plan all the little details that will make your wedding memorable makes all the difference in the world. Click here to schedule an appointment to talk to me about your wedding.

While this may not be so much of a wow factor, it will make lives easier! Watch the video.


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